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Your next step is a simple one: call or email us, and tell us your business goals. We’ll ask the right questions, and then get you the facts you need to make a decision and move forward. We can create and implement a complete web marketing plan. Or, we will provide individual search marketing services from the menu below. Either way, you’ll appreciate the systematic approach and the measurable results TopSide Media® delivers.


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Recent comments about TopSide:

  • "...knack for explaining what you need, and taking action that will move your business forward."
  • "...ethical, straight shooters."
  • "...professionals with decades of business experience deliver all work, not entry level staff or interns."
  • "...custom dashboard has easy to read results and reports"

Latest News

TopSide Media Moves Headquarters to Round Rock Texas

After being in central Austin for 9+ years, TopSide Media has moved our main office to Round Rock Texas. Our new office address:

309 W Main St.
Suite 111
Round Rock, TX 78664

Business Owners: Are you unknowingly renting your website?

While driving traffic from search engine ads to our advertisers’ websites, we get to learn a lot about our clients and related issues that arise. One issue we see far too often is confusion about what part(s) of their website our clients own vs. unknowingly “rent” from a third party.

New Street Address For TopSide Media Austin Texas

TopSide Media has moved our Austin office. Our new street address is 1300 West Lynn Street #206, Austin TX 78703. Our phone numbers and post office box have not changed. A few of the new features we are enjoying are additional parking, a conference room, and a second story view of the Clarksville neighborhood in Old West Austin. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Announcing a recent arrival to the TopSide team: Billy Walters

We've been needing to make this announcement for a while. By now, this news is about two months or more past the status of new. In spite of that, we are still really glad to be able to write about it, so here goes: the TopSide Media team is very pleased to welcome Billy Walters as our new associate. Although his title describes him as Senior SEM Consultant, that does not address the good-natured way Billy serves our clients and lightens up the office.

Search Results and Predictions for the Future: What Gets Let In Or Filtered Out

Most previous TopSide blog posts cover technical features of search engine marketing or measuring of phone calls from web traffic. Although one idea in this blog came from a technical tool we use in online ads, negative keywords, you’ll find today’s post different. Rather than a technical article, today’s post is a combination of observations and predictions about information overload, the web, and products and services in general.

The stage on which we operate today

TopSide Media featured on the Member Spotlight for Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional program

Starting today, June 6, TopSide Media is being featured on the Member Spotlight for the Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional program. On their website, an Accredited Professional will be featured each month. To visit our profile, you can use the following URL Note: the original article was removed, and the link goes to a subsequent article on Bing.

Practical Advice For Your Website Platform and Conversion Tracking

If you scroll through our previous blog posts, you may have noticed that they tend to be informative more than rants. Lately, though, we’ve run across a series of vexing challenges and delays getting routine, but necessary tasks done on the websites of clients. In our work, the school of hard knocks is always in session. So, I’ll get some ranting out of the way and include a few useful tips that will help those thinking of building or re-building a website avoid these issues.

How To Get High Quality Inbound Links To Your Website

At TopSide, we like to keep the big picture in mind, but break complicated search marketing topics down into bite-size pieces. In today’s blog, I’m going to do a brief drill-down into inbound links to websites.

Types of Search Marketing Platforms: Bid Management vs. Budget Based Platforms

In a blog in April of this year, I wrote about automated search marketing platforms and questions to ask providers. In today's post, I'm going to briefly compare/contrast two types of automated platforms: bid management platforms and what we'll call budget based platforms. We're going to stick to how they work, what they do (and don't do), and avoid using company names.

Why Page Load Speed Is Critical To Website Conversions and Profits

Driving highly targeted traffic to your website is a critical step, but the landing page still has to convert that visitor to a lead or new customer. We recently helped one of our PPC clients whose online business was being adversely affected by slow page loading on their website. Their case could be useful to other business owners.

Web pages that load slowly can be tricky to find. Why? We'll list just three of the many possible reasons.