Measure and Understand the Full Value of Your Online Advertising

5 Key Facts

  1. Ideal for appointment-based businesses or any business where incoming calls are key to sales and profits
  2. Count incoming calls as conversions by different sources of traffic: Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  3. Option to record and analyze calls from ads for call quality
  4. Know if your staff or call center handle incoming ad calls to their full potential
  5. What you learn and improve from calls from ads lifts profit on all your incoming calls

Types of Businesses that Benefit
When advertising online, some types of businesses get several times as many incoming phone calls as online conversion actions such as completed contact form. A few examples: complex or high-value transactions, appointment-based home service business, professional offices such as physicians or attorneys.

Back in 2005 when we started TopSide Media, we recognized the importance of incoming calls as conversion actions. The major search engines did not start to offer similar (but less robust) call tracking options until almost 10 years later.

What Makes Accurate and Useful Call Reporting?
To be truly useful, duplicate calls from the same number should be removed from your reports. And, you should be able to set a realistic minimum length to designate an incoming call as “good”. If you are currently using call tracking and not getting these two features along with the option for call recording, your business could likely benefit from our service.

Customized Options for your Business
If having your phone ring with customer calls is important to your business, contact us today. We’ll provide useful information, or a quote on our service, customized for your business.