Highly Targeted Traffic For Your Website

TopSide Media uses best practices to drive traffic to your website. Web traffic is a complex topic. So to keep this brief, we will outline the two primary components of search engine marketing, PPC and SEO.

Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Search Engine Ads go by many names. A few of these include PPC, Pay-Per-Click, and Sponsored Links. These ads are found on the top and side of search results pages. PPC delivers measurable traffic and results, and we use it to drive highly-targeted traffic to your site quickly. PPC traffic consists of two main types, active search traffic and contextual traffic. A PPC advertising program allows more control of your online presence. We help you set the daily/monthly budget for advertising. We create and systematically test ads to generate the most sales, leads or other desired action.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO consists of actions taken so that search engines can find your website. The traffic gained from these efforts is called “natural” or “organic” traffic and is in the left/center part of a search results page. SEO has two main divisions, improvements to your website on-page, and actions taken off-page, such as directory listings, news releases, link building, and social media. Depending on how competitive your industry and your geographical target, both on-page and off-page tactics may be necessary to improve the ranking of your website. Traffic from SEO takes longer to achieve and is less controllable than traffic from advertising.

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