Get More Purchases From Your eCommerce Website

For businesses that rely on online purchases, our systematic approach to the web will deliver more for your marketing budget. We create more business and profits for the hospitality industry, online auto parts retailers, advanced engineering products, and high-end kids toys, just to name a few client areas. Some of the more powerful tools we use: (a) Google Merchant Center Feeds, (b) Product Listing ads, and (c) ROI tracking.

Do you also sell to customers who call in? If so, TopSide has you covered. We’ll track exactly how many phone calls we sent you, and include that data in your monthly report. If you choose our CallSide® call recording option, you will also get to review and rate the incoming calls and resulting revenue. Using this powerful tool will increase your close rate and profits from ALL your incoming calls.

An Outline of Our Three-Step Process

– Drive targeted traffic (using PPC and if applicable, SEO) to your website or landing page
– Measure Results (Analytics for online purchases; optional tracking for incoming phone calls)
– Optimize the settings and process. This improves efficiency and lowers your cost per sale

Before working with us, some of our clients ran their own PPC campaigns, but had less than stellar results. With our help, their advertising costs have gone down, but their online sales and profits have gone up. We can do the same for you.

For Your Next Step…

Contact us now or call us at (866)-516-2301, and tell us your target cost per order for online purchases. Ask for our FREE 12-Point web marketing checklist for eCommerce. It will bring you more online customers!