A Key To Your Success: Measuring Conversions

After driving web traffic, we measure and report the results to you. We label the customer actions you are seeking as “conversions”, and these can be online or offline. Online conversion actions include purchases, appointments set, reservations, requests for information, downloads and newsletter signups. Incoming phone calls or redemption of web coupons at your location are common examples of offline conversions.

For businesses that accept payments on their website, we can track purchases down to the keyword level. Since many websites do not complete purchases online, we customize the measurement of leads and other types of conversions to your needs. In addition to measuring click-based conversions, TopSide has telephone technology to track incoming phone calls by source of traffic. Conversations can be recorded to determine both the value of the call and the quality of their handling internally.

Find Out What “Moves The Needle”

With TopSide, you no longer have to guess the returns from your advertising dollars. Each reporting period, we send you the number of conversions we generated, both online and offline. Dividing this number into the ad budget calculates your cost per conversion.

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