Twelve Questions to Ask Providers of Search Engine Marketing

As it says on the home page of our website, web marketing is a complex topic. Every day, your market gets more fractured, and there are more options to consider on what to do about it. It seems that everything to do with the Internet expands except the number of hours in your day to […]

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Focus On Keywords In Search Engine Marketing

he goal of today’s blog is to put some perspective on keywords as they are used in PPC advertising. Because we all use them daily in our searches, and they trigger both ads and natural results at the same time, it’s no wonder that keywords get so much attention in website advertising. Keywords happen to […]

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An Overview of Conversions in Search Engine Marketing and Advertising

It takes more than an attractive website with a good content to be efficient at converting web visitors to customers. Lately we are seeing clients put more focus into conversions from their website.

For our purpose, a conversion is defined as the desired action we want the customer who is visiting the website to take. Conversions […]

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