Focus On Keywords In Search Engine Marketing

he goal of today’s blog is to put some perspective on keywords as they are used in PPC advertising. Because we all use them daily in our searches, and they trigger both ads and natural results at the same time, it’s no wonder that keywords get so much attention in website advertising. Keywords happen to […]

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Your Company Name in Search Engine Advertising and Lead Generation

As we wrote in our May 2008 blog post, there are some very good reasons and best practices for having your company name as keywords to trigger search engine PPC ads. However, there are also some potential “gotchas” that online advertisers and buyer of leads should be aware of. Essentially, you want to make sure […]

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Search Marketing PPC Keywords: Attracting or Filtering Searchers

In this posting, when we use “keywords”, it relates to search terms, also known as “queries”, which computer users type in the search box when searching online. The term “keywords” is also used elsewhere: regarding page code (“meta tag keywords”); and in describing content on web pages (“keyword density”). A computer user’s query with keywords […]

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