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Search Results and Predictions for the Future: What Gets Let In Or Filtered Out

Most previous TopSide blog posts cover technical features of search engine marketing or measuring of phone calls from web traffic. Although one idea in this blog came from a technical tool we use in online ads, negative keywords, you’ll find today’s post different. Rather than a technical article, today’s post is a combination of observations […]

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Negative Keywords Improve PPC Advertising Efficiency

Recently we rebuilt and launched a PPC account for an Austin client that had over 3,000 negative keywords. In our 5+ years of search marketing, this was a record at TopSide. The research and collaboration with our client on negative keywords was very productive, and took about as many days as all the other components […]

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Search Marketing PPC Keywords: Attracting or Filtering Searchers

In this posting, when we use “keywords”, it relates to search terms, also known as “queries”, which computer users type in the search box when searching online. The term “keywords” is also used elsewhere: regarding page code (“meta tag keywords”); and in describing content on web pages (“keyword density”). A computer user’s query with keywords […]

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