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Ads on search engines, also known as “sponsored links” and a variety of other names, are highly targeted when properly structured and optimized. Two of the primary settings that control targeting are called “geotargeting” and “keywords”. The description below applies to search ads, whether they are text ads or advertising that involves graphics. When clicked upon,...
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We regularly get questions and opinions from clients about why we would or would not want to include their company name or trademarks in the keyword lists for their sponsored link (PPC) campaigns. We hope you find these useful. A company name will often have a relatively low cost-per-click unless it includes high demand keywords such...
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I first got into search engine marketing and advertising as an employee for a corporate team building consulting company. There, we observed a predictable pattern on which teams were more successful in team building scenarios and back at their jobs. Teams that take time to make a plan before taking action consistently perform better than those...
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