Multi-Location Businesses

Optimization and reporting tools for multi-location businesses.

About Multi-Location Businesses

Over our 16+ years as a digital ad agency, TopSide has developed special skills and proprietary monitoring, optimization and reporting tools for multi-location businesses.

A few examples of multi-location businesses we serve would be:

  • Entrepreneurs that are opening or rolling up similar businesses
  • Corporations that own or operate multiple locations
  • Franchise or Licensing parent companies

These companies typically have unique business needs, such as the following:

  • Maintaining central planning or decision making
  • Monitoring / reporting of results for non-branded vs. branded website traffic
  • Location-level advertising budget or profit needs
  • Have distinct business sub-categories that need segmentation

Selling Services and Products Online

TopSide Media has a proven track record serving e-commerce businesses that book online reservations, services or products online. For this type of business transaction, we report Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The profit margins vary, depending on the category and competition. However, the concept of ROAS is simple. This measurement of success takes gross sales or gross profit, and divides it by ad costs. As one category example, we have clients in the discretionary / recreational category whose online ROAS over 2021 averaged over 10x (1,000%) on their non-branded ad traffic, and over 40x (4,000%) on their branded ad traffic. Stated more simply: every dollar spent on ads produced more than 10$ for non-branded search terms, and more than $40 for their branded search terms.

Online Lead Generation and Inbound Phone Calls

In contrast to e-commerce businesses described above, some types of multi-location businesses receive leads online forms or from inbound phone calls. For transactions not completed online, measuring the final value of a lead requires a system to automatically track that prospect over time. With the correct tracking tools in place – such as a CRM – the resulting $ revenue can be fed back into Google’s ad platform for advanced reporting and bidding. This is known as offline conversion tracking (OCT), and it gives businesses that use it a solid advantage over competitors who do not use it.

Next Steps

Whether your multi-location business needs e-commerce, advanced lead generation, or a combination of the two, let’s talk. Tell us your business goals and challenges, and TopSide will provide a useful assessment of what we can do to help move your business forward.

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