We Optimize For Conversion Efficiency

After driving targeted traffic and measuring the results, our third critical step is to generate sales or leads for you more efficiently. Because conversion percentages typically run in the single digits, adding even a single point can cut your cost per conversion dramatically or deliver more conversions. If your potential customers do not find what they are searching for quickly, they will leave your web site without a conversion. On average, half or more of web site visitors “bounce off” the page they land on, leaving in less than thirty seconds. TopSide can decrease the bounce rate of your web site.

Landing Page Changes or Building

Subtle changes in design or content can greatly affect landing page efficiency, so testing is critical to their success. We measure, test and improve landing pages to increase both conversion rates and your returns. We can design, build and host landing pages for you.

CallSide® – Analysis of Incoming Phone Calls

Incoming phone calls are vital to some companies, such as those with call centers and appointment-based businesses. Phone calls deliver real-time customer interaction and convert to purchases at a high rate. Further, they provide useful insights into the quality of web traffic, details of your potential customer needs, and how your company converts calls to revenue. We work with you to document the call attributes that are the most valuable, then review and rate the recorded phone calls. We can provide this service initially, periodically, or on an ongoing basis.

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